Photo of the Day


Advising Day!

Lydia Maier’s homeroom enjoyed its annual tradition of picking a fabric and sewing a personalized pillow to keep at school then take with them after graduating.

AllState Music Festival

Morgan Peppe and Sara Wasdahl at the dress rehearsal for the AllState Music Festival Orchestra performance on Saturday, May 20th at University of Maine, Orono. Also performing at AllState: Eva Abbott (Treble Chorus), Justin Gross (Mixed Chorus), and Genevieve Welch...

Ethical Leadership Plants a Tree!

Waynflete parent Heather McCargo (Lilu McNiff ’20 and Liam McNiff ’16)) helped Ethical Leadership plant this American Elm tree, a native species to our area. The tree will support over 200 species of moths and butterflies, attract birds, and of...

Spontaneous Art!

Students Ellis Dougherty, Avis Akers and Eliza Goodwin (class of 2020) have fun during their free in Sarah Macdonald’s homeroom!