This Week October 16

Monday, October 16  – October 20 – PRIDE ALLY WEEK

Monday, October 16

11:00 – 12:00Keep WAYNFLETE LGBTQ+ safe, loved, respected. Big Banner Activity in the Atrium at activities and lunch. Add your hand print. Make an Ally sign and take a photo

Also happening during lunch and activities block:

The Entrepreneur Club is having a dessert contest during activities and lunch. There are four groups each selling a different dessert. The desserts are Ice Cream Sundaes, Whoopie Pies, Waffles, and Rice Crispy Treats. All desserts cost $1 or $2.  All the profits will go to charity.

Tuesday, October 17 

10:55 – Annoucement Assembly

PRIDE ALLY WEEK ACTIVITY – PRIDE announcement and short video at announcement assembly.

Wednesday, October 18
12:10-12:45 -Library social. Come visit the ever growing collection of representation in the library. Bring a friend. Bring a book suggestion.

Thursday, October 19  

PRIDE ALLY WEEK ACTIVITY – POD group film and discussions + 9th and 12th grade film.

11:15-12:00 –  10th & 11th grade POD groups (bring your lunch) See email from Cathie for POD group locations on Monday afternoon.

11:25-12:00 – Class meetings for 9th and 12th grades

9th grade – Theater

12th grade – Wendy’s Lab

Friday, October 20

PRIDE ALLY WEEK ACTIVITY – Wear your Rainbow of support! Get dressed Go rainbow ridiculous alone or with a group. Make an Ally sign and take a photo in the Atrium again. There will be prizes. Judging will take place at Lunch- be sure to have your photo taken! Categories=best group, best individual, best faculty or staff!