This Week: May 8

Tuesday, May 9
10:55 – Announcement Assembly
Thursday, May 11
11:25 – Class meetings
Freshmen – Theater
Sophomores – TBA
Juniors – Student Center

Friday, May 12

Waynflete’s Day of Silence will be on Friday, May 12th. All Upper School students, faculty and community members are invited to wear red to show solidarity. PRIDE also invites you to use silence as a way of reflecting, empowering, and engaging in conscious compassion and empathy. You may be silent for as much of the day as you choose or join a communal silent “sit in” observation, followed by open, guided discussion and reflection from 11:00-12:00 in Cathie’s office.
Dance for JOY Concerts on May 10 and 11
On Wednesday, May 10, Lower School Enrichment Dance performs at 4:00 p.m. in Franklin Theater. Dance for JOY will bring a festive event to the stage with smiling faces, creative moving, Japanese fan waving, and a friendly dancing dragon. Colorful costumes, sparkling lights, and lively music add fun for the audience and give dancers a chance to show their sharp skills, love for dance, feelings of joy, and excitement for the freedom of expression.

On Thursday, May 11, Middle School and Upper School Enrichment and Danceflete Ensembles perform at 7:00 p.m. in Franklin Theater. They too, will relate their dances to the feeling of joy and express their ideas with passion, inventive new choreography, and their dedicated love for dancing.