Thursday: A Lionfish Dissection Lesson, a Picnic on the Beach, a Nature Hike, and a Swim in Yet Another Blue Hole

We started our morning with a 9:00 a.m. lecture on invasive species, focusing on lionfish. Lionfish are a species native to the pacific but have become invasive all over the Atlantic. After gaining an understanding of the fish, we had a dissection where we took apart 10 lionfish to identify important organs and features. We finished this around 11:00 a.m., when we packed our bags and got onto the bus. It was too windy to be a boat day, so we drove to a large, flat, white sand beach to eat lunch. After eating, some people walked down the beach, collecting shells, while others stayed behind and lounged in the sun. We left the beach and drove to a trailhead deep in the jungle. We took a hike of about 20 minutes to a blue hole, where everyone went swimming to cool off. We then drove back to the field station for some relaxation time.

For dinner, we went to a small, nearby restaurant, owned by one of the morning cooks, where everyone enjoyed Bahamian foods such as dirty rice, fish, and conch fritters. For the rest of the night, everyone had time to enjoy themselves, playing cards or watching Finding Nemo in the lodge.

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