Friday: The Best Day on the Water Yet

Friday was a great day from start to finish.  First, there was a zooplankton lab.  Who knew that studying zooplankton could actually be fun.  In the late morning, the wind had finally subsided enough for us to get back out on the boats.  We made two snorkeling stops around a stop for lunch on another remote cay.  The first was the oceanic blue hole off of Rat Cay, our fifth blue hole in as many days.  The second was the Three Sisters patch reef.  Each offered excellent fish and coral viewing.  Check out the photo gallery and  the video below for samples of what we saw.  In the evening after dinner and a birthday cake and song for Cooper and Anna, we were treated to the wild story of Archie Forfar, the man who built the field station that now bears his name.

Today (Saturday), after an inauspicious start (see the last photo in the gallery, we are making our way back home, looking forward to a very early morning reuniting with all of you.

All in all, David has treated us to an amazing week of fun and learning.  We are a lucky band of traveling scientists.

Sting Ray Video