This Week: January 11

Monday, January 11

11:0012:00 – Putney – National Geographic visitor in the atrium

National Geographic Student Expeditions and Putney Student Travel are visiting today in the atrium. They offer a wide variety of programs for high school students including Community Service in Latin America, Asia, and Africa as well as Language Learning in Europe and Latin America. For more information you can visit their websites, and
Tuesday, January 12

10:55 – Announcement Assembly

Thursday, January 14

11:25 MLK Assembly sponsored by RAAW

Josh Lodish’s grandfather worked at Time Magazine and spent time with MLK. He will tell us about some of his experiences. In addition, two students from other Portland high schools will present a TED Talk that aired recently.

Friday, January 15

11:0012:00 – Dream Factory Bake Sale


Please submit your application for the Senior Project in Cultural Learning to Sue Stein by the end of the day!