This Week: May 18

Monday, May 18

6:00-8:00pm, Performing Arts Celebration Banquet

If you have participated in Chorus, Chamber Group, Dance, Jazz Band, Theatre (onstage or off) – or all of the above, Please join us! Parents are welcome too.

A look back at the year in pictures, words and music and an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of our seniors.

Please bring a dish for a Potluck dinner at 6:00pm in the Arc Hallway

Presentation in the Franklin Theatre

Questions? Speak to the performing arts faculty: Chris Beaven, James Carlisle, Chris Fitze, Tiki Fuhro, Susan Nelson, Nick MacDonald

Tuesday, May 19

10:55 – Announcement Assembly

7:00pm – Applied Arts Recital – Franklin Theater

Wednesday, May 20

7:00pm – Applied Arts Recital – Franklin Theater

Thursday, May 21

11:25 – Assembly

7:00pm – Applied Arts Recital – Franklin Theater

Friday, May 22

11:00-12:00 – Dream Factory Milk shake sale

11:00-12:00 – For those of you who expressed interest in meeting the Valo Director, regarding the free retreat program on artistic creativity, authenticity and self-awareness- Dana Anderson, Director will be in Lindsay Kaplan’s room to answer questions today during activities and lunch.  Please RSVP to Lydia if you haven’t already!