Waynflete à la Defense de Quebec – BootCamp in the Martello Tower


Deuxième jour, matin:

Our voyageurs sans peur took a break from the frivolity of cultural pursuits on Sunday morning to do their part in the defense of now British Quebec. Passing through a time portal on the Plains of Abraham, they found themselves in one of the four Martello towers for a training session to ward off attacks from bellicose troops of the young new American Republic. ​

Our valiant scholar-​soldiers were met and given their marching orders by English Officer 1812-style – Captain Jean-Franç​ois.

imageAfter his introductory instructions, captured here, he directed his rookies in the art of loading a musket.

In an extraordinary technological sleight of hand, our correspondents were able to capture “Live” four squads of recruits as they practiced their new-found skills.  You be the judge, as you view the following performances, ​whether or not the future of the British Empire on the North American Continent shall remain bright.