Troisième jour…. 

On our third day, there were more sites to see, culture to soak up, and lessons to learn. Below are video vignettes of some of the activities enjoyed by our voyageurs sans peurs….
First, from the sublime Basilica of Sainte Anne de Beaupré.

To linguistic hilarity, en route to the dinner this evening, as they jousted with our wonderful guide, Mattieu, to say: “L’arbre d’érable.”

And speaking of dinner, we ate hearty fare of Pea Soup, Meat Pie, Ham, Eggs, Beans, and Bread…. and crepes for dessert.  To work off this sumptuous repast, our travelers learned to play the spoons and dance à la quebecoise.  And now for your enjoyment and edification, Ta DAAA:

Le nouveau orchestre quebecois: