Today was the third day of adventure in Québec. We woke up bright and early and headed down to a café for a satisfactory breakfast of croissants and hot chocolate. We left the city to explore the picturesque landscape in the country. We climbed to the Montmorency waterfall, all 83 meters of it and learned about Québec’s history in the small museum located at the summit. We took a quick break for lunch then headed over to a gallery of woodcarvings the to the Basilica. While spending time admiring the awe-inspiring building we discovered plenty about architecture, the early existence of Christianity in the french colonies. The experience needless to say, very memorable; we even walked in on an exorcism.
IMG_5372(1)After the Basilica we visited Chez Marie for a snack of maple butter on freshly baked bread. We then visited a sweet shop that specialized in Belgian chocolates. The approach of Easter had inspired the creation of many outrageously sized chocolate bunnies and lambs. We walked off the sugar rush with a scenic promenade along the Saint-Laurence. Finally we drove to our dinner location. The Sugar Shack was located (naturally) in a maple orchard quite a ways away from the city. We had a lively evening full of Canadian traditions. There we were educated in the process of making maple syrup. We dinned on a hearty dinner of split pea soup and meat pies. After dinner, we learned how to accompany a violinist with wooden spoons and danced our hearts outs. We returned to the hotel at 9:30, exhausted from such a busy day full of excitement and therefore fell asleep with ease despite the anticipation of what the next day will bring.Until next time,
The Québec trip