Off to Bed

Hey everyone- Today was a great day in Quebec. We started our morning with an early wakeup call- especially since we lost an hour with daylight savings! After a delicious breakfast, we walked to a British war tower on the water where we reenacted what it was like to be a British soldier in the early 1800s. Once we finished our time in the tower, we walked over to an observatory. The observatory was 31 floors high and had incredible views! After some learning and sightseeing we were able to explore a part of Quebec for lunch. Some people went to get poutine and others went to cute boulangeries for some sweets and sandwiches. Shopping was also an option so we walked around and looked at the tourist stuff. Once we were stuffed with candy and food, we made our way to go on a toboggan ride. We slid down the icy tracks (while screaming) and going really fast. Then we had more free time and got to do some more shopping, look around the Château Frontenac, or go get a hot chocolate. An early at a nice little Italian restaurant called Spag and Tiny, where most of us had a spaghetti dinner, was our next stop. With full bellies, we made our way to Isaute, the trampoline park! We jumped and flipped and played, and raced for hours! With tired legs we made our last stop at a little Canadian grocery store! And then off to bed!