Last Post

I write today’s blog post from my couch in South Portland, glad to be home but missing my “kids.” We had such a great time. Our tour guide, the incomparable Mathieu Demers, and our driver, the fearless Dan Boynton, both told me that they had rarely seen a group so friendly, well behaved, kind, attentive, and open to new experiences. Those of us who are accustomed to Waynflete were not totally surprised by these compliments, but it never gets old to see your students behaving with grace *and* having a blast.
This morning we had a calm breakfast outside the Old City, and then Dan dropped us off for a lovely walk from the Chateau to the Musée de la Civilisation. We could have spent the whole day there; they had a wonderful animation exhibit that captured the attention of many of our students (here’s a link to Sam and Josie’s animation:, as well as an exhibit on Greek gods and another one on the history of the people of Québec.
From there, we walked back to the Old City for our last bit of free time and lunch. Lastly, we piled back onto the bus and made great time getting home.
Thanks, everyone, for a great trip.
Lindsay, Janice, and Breda