Day Two

Bonsoir! Nous avons eu une journée très chargée! The day was FILLED with laughs and bonding. We started with a charming breakfast at the famous Café Baude near the Chateau Frontenac in Old Québec. From there, we went to the Martello Tower, where our students were recruited to fight with the British in the War of 1812. Next, we headed to the Observatoire, where we were treated to panoramic views of Québec and the fleuve St-Laurent from the 31st floor. Then, we walked to Old Québec through pretty neighborhoods and enjoyed lunch in small groups and free time to explore.
After our explorations, we met back up at the Chateau and the students had the chance to ride down the amazing toboggan slope on the promenade. Then, we took a great photo in front of the Chateau before trekking down to the lower portion of the Old City for a bit more exploring. After dinner, we headed to iSaute, the trampoline park, where everyone had a FABULOUS TIME.
Tomorrow’s wake-up call is a little later, so we’ll all have a grasse matinée. We teachers were charmed at the end of the day to see that the students, instead of sitting spread out through the bus as they had been, were packed in tight at the back of the bus, all sitting together.
Lindsay, Janice, and Breda