The Weight of Kindness:

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Our closing circle resonated with me on so many levels. I’ve always embraced experiential education because it means our classroom is everywhere and the laboratory for learning from our fellow travelers on the planet is free.  I know it is possible to bend the trajectory of kindness in the world just a little even when the problems we face get me down.  Luckily, I know first hand that our brains are built to empathize and that we can act on our deep personal concern even in small ways without having to shut down from overwhelm.  In fact, I can’t stop thinking about the pressing decision emBOLDen Alliance directors, Neena and Bill are facing about how to marshall their resources in the fight against Ebola, even at possible personal risk to themselves.  Maybe good leadership is finding your own heart’s path to making the greatest impact for the greater good while still maintaining your integrity and safety. As a partner with Shoulder to Shoulder nonprofits, our students and faculty now have yet another way to stretch for that capacity in themselves- to pursue the experiment of kind actions as the path to bold solutions that are mutually beneficial to people and the planet.