The Student Un-Conference

IMG_4034Students worked in new teams to practice planning an entire conference in 2 hours.  The idea was simple.  Many of our most creative ideas that arise in groups get tabled and don’t go anywhere.  The critical piece of leadership they explored was the imperative to move to action.  Using a template based on design thinking, students identified pressing issues in the communities they live in and at the same time made a giant list of topics they could teach to others.  The result was a lively, completely interactive presentation on wide-ranging topics  such as Music as a potential force of change, Using Fun Theory to address stereotypes, Art and Activism, Ending Sexism and Misogyny, Strategic Fundraising as a Teen, and Rethinking the Sports Industry.  The students then got feedback from the nonprofit partners and tried to take the “solution” to a the next practical level.  Amazing energy in the room!