Looking Ahead

Peru leader and Vail local Sasha Bilow took Lydia, Lindsay and I and on an early morning bike tour. Lindsay and I then met with trip leaders at “the cabin,” Shoulder-to-Shoulder’s homebase, to discuss the application process. Dedicated to ensuring they find the best match for trips, SStS spends time each year in discussion about how to facilitate the application process for students and parents.

We then headed over the the Vail Mountain School to meet with students who are creating an open-space technology conference (or “unconference”). Students charged with developing workshops devoted to topics related to leadership, advocacy and activism. Student groups chose to present on “misogyny/feminism,” “the fun theory,” “activism through sports,” “activism through music,” “artivism,” and “effective fundraising.” Trip leaders and NGO partners met with the groups to provide feedback as they built their presentations. We were asked to listen and give advice, but also to ask students difficult questions to sharpen their focus for the conference they are putting on this afternoon.
After a morning of hard work, NGO partners, trip leaders, and students gathered for a shared lunch to continue conversations.