Entrepreneurship in Tibet

After smaller, break-out sessions, the whole forum gathered to hear from NGO partners. Founder and executive director Tamdim Wangdu shared how he came to create the Tibetan Village Project.  After his father died due to inadequate healthcare available in his area, Tamdin wanted to make big changes in Tibet on a small scale. In his talk, he explained his  non-profit’s role in providing healthcare, recycling programs, clean water access, and scholarships for education.  In a smaller break-out session for students interested in his project,Tamdin fielded questions about Tibetan identity in China, and how geography has shaped his work. To help manage waste, volunteers have helped find ways to turn trash into useful products, and the TVP has recently helped move clean water into villages, making what was a 30-minute, twice daily trip for fresh water now only a 2-minute trek.