Another Airport Goodbye

One of the unique opportunities with the Global Solutions forum is the chance to re-connect with students from my trip.  I initially got to know the 10 students from the Nicaragua trip through “Phase 1.” We spent the spring working through a curriculum that introduced us to the NGO, Project Woo, and through videos, online articles, and an interactive websites. We learned about the history, culture, economics and geography of Nicaragua and used blog posts to discuss our thoughts about what we discovered. “Phase 2” entailed the trip itself, and “Phase 3” was a reflection on the ups and downs from our trip.  This weekend felt like a “Phase 4,” a chance to reconnect with my students from the trip and discuss the long-term impact of experiences. Students shared how much they miss the people and life in Nicaragua, and most felt the trip was life-changing in how they gained perspective through the hands-on work. There were tears, laughter, and another sad airport goodbye.